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Fonterra Learning Centre - Go-see Te Awamutu 3 June 2014
Ci forum members were treated to an insightful session led by the team at Fonterra during last week’s visit to the Te Awamutu Learning Centre.
Photo of Fonterra(copy)
Alan and Louise presented to members on ‘Lean management systems, how to build and sustain what you have built’.

They started by breaking down the components of their 12 month PDCA. This enabled a broader discussion on their approach to problem solving and standardized work. They spoke of how initial attempts to promote standardized work had been improved with the introduction of job instructions. This approach puts greater emphasis on skill development in engaging and instructing someone to perform a job.

The second section of the workshop involved a group discussion on key challenges faced attending members. This was followed by lunch and networking.  A big thanks to Alan, Louise and Fonterra. Your contribution to the Ci forum is always valued and appreciated.

Gallagher Go-see 12 September 2013 - Hamilton
Last week a team of 30 Ciforum members went on a Go See to Gallagher in Hamilton. The Gallagher Way is a journey the team at Gallagher have been on for 4 years and it was clear to see the progress they had made. We started with a well organised tour of their operations focusing on the continuous improvement practices they had implemented and discussed the impact that this has had on their customers, staff and organisation.
Gallagher Organge Board
From the enthusiasm of the senior leadership to the orange branding of their operational boards, you can sense that The Gallagher Way has become how they operate rather than an add-on. They demonstrated the link between their strategy and how this translated into action and practices on the shop floor, tied together and monitored closing through their KPIs, maturity model and management system.
However, I think highlight for many was when four employees shared their projects and how they had taken some basic Ci training and made a difference – authentic, engaging, brilliant – thanks Gallagher. Gallagher Go-see Sep 2013(copy)


NZ Sugar Go-see 16 May 2013 - Auckland
 NZ Sugar
Photo 3(copy)
NZ Sugar hosted a fantastic Go-see in May. Attendees from a good mix of
organisations and industries learn't by seeing the culture-changing
improvement programme in place at NZ Sugar. We were treated to a full tour
of the Chelsea Refinery, but the real highlight was seeing how the entire
team has focused on improvement activities. The team presentations at the
end of the tour really demonstrated how everyone can become involved in
continuous improvement - it's not just something to leave to a central team.
Photo NZ Sugar(copy)

A big thank you to NZ Sugar for being wonderful hosts
Photo 2(copy)  

Tait Communications Go-see 21 March 2013 - Christchurch
A group of forum members were privileged to spend a morning with Tait Communications during our Christchurch Go- See.  We arrived at 9am to a warm welcome and a presentation of the mornings agenda from solutions Development Coach- Stefan Sohnchen.  Tait V2
Tait 3 Since introducing Lean to their organisation in 2006 Tait Communications has developed and refined their own approach to improvement, focusing on what works for them to get the best engagement and deliver results.  The members were given a tour through both manufacturing  and R&D sites. 
The contrast demonstrated  how similar tools and techniques can be adapted to different environments within the same facility, proving yet again that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to improvement.  The morning concluded with a presentation by Lean Development Change Manager - John Whittaker on their continuous improvement journey followed by lunch and some valuable discussion from our members. Feedback from members on the day was extremely appreciative with the following key learning’s expressed by members:
  1. Change to business practice needs to be pulled by the business rather and imposed on them
  2. Never stop looking for different ways of working – always challenge the way you work
  3. Create opportunities for staff to experience how change can benefit them
  4. Deeply understand your customer and their pain points – experience their environment
Thank you Tait Communications for hosting this successful Go-See. A special thanks to John Whittaker and Stefan Sohnchen.


Genesis Energy Go-see 14 June 2012 - Auckland
 Genesis Energy
6 CIForum Go See 140612 The group of Ci forum members attending the Genesis Energy Go-see were treated to a wonderful morning by our hosts. We saw the full Ci journey and shared some great project examples. The level of senior management support was evident, with the CEO, Albert Brantley, joining us for the first session where he shared his experience and commitment to Ci.
Te Awamutu 8 March 2012
Fonterra Learning Site - Te Awamutu
download 2 On the 8th March, 10 of our members took a Go-see to Fonterra’s Learning Site in Te Awamutu.  Mike Butler and Les Marr from Fonterra hosted an extraordinary day of learning and discovery.
Milk collection, Manufacturing and Logistics are all run at the Te Awamutu site and the group experienced firsthand operational excellence and performance enhancing programmes in action.  Starting first thing in the in morning they got to see how process and daily management systems integrated at all levels of operations to enable powerful communication, problem solving and decision making.
download 4
  The culture of improvement was clear and consistent across the various areas of the
  site and their dedication to safety and their journey of excellence and learning was
  obvious everywhere you went.  

  The event was very well structured  allowing opportunity for insightful discussion and
  reflection during the course of the day.  It was topped off with a great lunch and an 
  opportunity to wear gumboots and overalls.
  We are privileged to have Fonterra as a member and thank them for sharing this day
  with other members – the response from those that went was fantastic – Thanks
download 1 1 ""It was an awesome experience"." Deepak Sachdev, Opn. Mgmt. & Tracking Manager, Telecom

Auckland 13 September 2011

IAG:  IAG - Project Success Story

With members joining us for the IAG Go-see hosted in Auckland.  It was clear there was keen interest in the activities of IAG Business Improvement team.

20101202_0005.JPGThe team described how IAG has started their journey and learned how IAG and other organisations are measuring and transforming their culture. They shared several case studies, including:
"Good discussion about several topics - Richard & the team encouraged discussion throughout". - Bruce, George, GM Process & Service Improvement, healthAlliance.

We surveyed participants after the event - here's what they told us.

Wellington 8 June 2011

IRD:  Meeting Government & customer expectations for efficiency, cost savings and improved customer service
The Inland Revenue team gave us a great overview of their Lean Six Sigma Programme, including how they are building capability through their training programme and the benefits they have realised.  They also shared how they are working across Government and with other Agencies, in particular how they have shared training with Ministry of Social Development; run a joint project with NZ Post and Datam; and outsourced their LSS skills to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Diane Carolyn and CIR 6.JPGA highlight of this Go-see was the interview with their Commissioner, Bob Russell, and Deputy Commissioner, Carolyn Tremain, who demonstrated the strength of support provided from the top.Brainstorm 9.JPG

We've had feedback from members that a challenge in Ci is sustaining the gains, so the team ran a brainstorm activity on how to do just that.  Here's the outcome!

"Great effort - it appears a lot of effort was made to make the event interesting, interactive and memorable. Definitely not a typical speaker-only presentation." - Ek Ngauv, Senior Business Analyst, Beca

Auckland 19 May 2011

20110519_0116.JPGWith more than 50 members joining us for the Go-see hosted by Telecom, it was the largest we've held to date.  And the beautiful appointed (and huge) conference room in Telecom's new state-of-the-art building 'Telecom Place' was the perfect setting for this event.

The Telecom team shared the building blocks of their programme, including how they support the business' Ci activities with Delivery Coaches and provide just-in-time training for teams working on improvement projects.

20110519_0152.JPGThe Delivery Coaches ran an activity on Lean Thinking, which saw participants working in teams to demonstrate the difference between conventional planning mental models and Lean mental models.  Some were brave enough to roleplay the differences - which went down a treat!

Wellington 2 December 2010

Kiwibank:  Kiwi Thinking - great ideas that just get brighter
With members joining us from Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch, it was clear there was keen interest in the activities of Kiwibank's Business Improvement team.

20101202_0005.JPGThe team described how their team is structured and how it fits into the larger Business Transformation group.  They shared several case studies, including:
  • A recent project where a Six Sigma Black Belt worked with HR to ensure performance objectives were aligned with bank strategy.
  • The use of DFSS techniques to aid Marketing with the design of a new bank service.
  • A co-ordinated programme of Green Belt-sized projects being led by a Black Belt to reduce Kiwibank's use of paper across the workplace.
To illustrate continuous improvement concepts - the importance of prototyping, and identifying and testing assumptions - the Kiwibank team ran The Marshmallow Challenge

This provided a perfect lesson in collaboration, innovation and creativity - and was a lot of fun!

“Very well designed and informative presentation. It ticked all my boxes and worth the trip down from Auckland to attend.” - Gary Morgan, Business Consultant, IAG NZ.

We surveyed participants after the event - here's what they told us.

Auckland 2 September 2010

Frucor:  Empowering People for Change
IMGA0003 (Small).JPGThe Frucor team provided an indepth look at their Frontiers Training Programme aimed at empowering employees at all levels of the organisation to spot improvement opportunities and be involved in developing solutions and implementing change. 

good 6 (Small).JPGAn overview of competitive manufacturing at Frucor, including how staff have been engaged in their 'Ideas Central' programme, was followed by Ci forum members having a tour of the factory and facilities.

The Process Excellence team from ASB ran Dr Deming's Red Bead Experiment.  Members played the part of factory workers, quality control employees and management.   It was a fun and interactive activity which illustrated that errors caused by workers operating a process were more likely due to the System than the fault of the workers.

We all went home with a goodie bag of Frucor products - which went down a treat!

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