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Go-see hosted by Kiwibank 2 December 2010

The recent Go-see hosted by Kiwibank was the largest we’ve held in Wellington to date. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we asked those who attended to complete a quick survey to provide feedback to both Kiwibank and to Ci forum.

We will use this feedback for future planning to ensure our members are getting the greatest value from our events.

Our ‘behind-the-scenes’ planning (the invitation and booking communications) was rated very high, with 93% of respondents ‘strongly agreeing’ with the timeliness of these activities. We will continue to give at least a month’s notice of upcoming events. Please ensure you are registered to receive these invitations directly rather than relying on your colleagues to forward them onto you!

Ci forum signage to clearly show where to meet was a great suggestion and we’ll be following up on that.

Everyone agreed – and 93% strongly agreed - that the content of Kiwibank’s presentations was interesting and useful, and lived up to their expectations.

“Very professional presentations and I appreciated the preparation that had gone into this event. The Product & Design presentation was most relevant to our business and reminded me of the power of being practical in approaches.” – Sue Chappell, Head of Right First Time, Delivery & Capability, Telecom NZ Ltd

“Really appreciated them being open and honest about their projects and progress, and what works and doesn't.” - Maria Elliott, Business Improvement Leader, Genesis Energy

When we asked our members what they found most valuable from the event, they told us:

  • Allowing management to see and understand that Lean is not something that happens overnight.
  • Networking.
  • The Product & Design presentation was most relevant to our business and reminded me of the power of being practical in approaches.
  • Just hearing practitioners talk about their latest project is value in itself.
  • The way how Kiwibank structure works.
  • Great to meet other people in similar roles, and to realise that we're not as new to the CI concept as I thought we were.
  • Great to see how the Kiwibank program was working and how it had progressed.
  • Kiwibank team presentation.

And their suggestions for upcoming events:

  • More project summaries.
  • How people are actually managing to change the culture to a process driven, continuously improving organisation. What their challenges are. Workshops to problem solve might be useful.
  • Case studies presented on keeping critical business processes in control using visual management tools, and lean management systems.
  • More presentations and case studies - very interesting and helpful.
  • More networking.
Thank you to everyone who provided feedback!

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