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2010/2011 Project Award Winners

The winner and runners up of Ci forum Annual Project Awards, kindly sponsored by Minitab,was decided and announced at the Ci forum Conference 2011.

(Julie Harris, Emma Brewer (Winner), Nicola Kilkelly)

Congratulations to our winner One Path Life - Project Leader: Emma Brewer
Medical Claim Decision Time
One Path Life

This project is primarily an example of getting a team to work together rather than individually to achieve excellent results for Advisers and Customers. The results were achieved from having excellent business support and through delivering outstanding change management and communications. The project also illustrates that effective workflow can be implemented using simple techniques and existing functionality negating the need for complex or expensive IT solutions.

The One Path Life business has experienced rapid growth over the last 3 years. Proportionately to new business the number of claims has also grown significantly. A key issue the company was facing was that processes and systems were not coping with the rapid growth of the business. The challenge for the company was to balance system reinvestment within priority areas while providing outstanding service to the important Adviser network.

The Major Medical Claims Team are a critical component of the business. To cope with increased work volumes additional staff were employed however frequent backlogs of work necessitated overtime and further temporary staff. There were major concerns regarding team morale and the increasing number of complaints regarding claim decision time. A poor result from an industry survey prompted the CEO to instigate a LSS project in March 2010.

Congratulations to our first runner up Kiwibank Project Leader:  Nicola Kilkelly Switching Project

Switching of Customer’s payment authorities between bank accounts was one of the key barriers that stopped customers from moving between banks.

Kiwibank has been working hard over the past years with the New Zealand Bankers Association (NZBA) to complete the new interbank agreement rules. These rules allow payment information to be shared between banks.  In addition they enable the responsibility for switching to be taken from the customer and offered by the customer’s bank as an additional service offering.

Adoption of a switching service offering aligns strongly to Kiwibanks strategic goals of continuing to grow its market share.

The purpose of this project was to:
1. Perform analysis to identify the right market for acquisition, and select the ‘right’ customers to target for the switch
2. Develop a business process for an efficient and effective switch service.
3. Establish an appropriate business and operational model for achieving consistently good customer experiences
    during the switch service.
4. Deliver necessary systems enhancements to enable the switch service and the reporting requirements of our

Congratulations to our second runner up Auckland District Health Board Project Leader:  Julie Harris
Adult Emergency Department (AED) Triage Project
Auckland District Health Board

The initial problem was that patients arriving in the emergency department may not be triaged immediately. Delays in the triage process can result in sub-optimal clinical outcomes for the patient and reduce acute patient flow.  Multiple and complex processes in the triage area resulted in increased staff stress levels and impacted on the smooth running of the department

The project goal was to have every patient triaged within 5 minutes of arrival and the patients transferred to their first clinical placement immediately while ensuring that registration and documentation was completed appropriately.

The results of the project were that the percentage of patients triaged within 5 minutes moved from 43% to 91% after implementation of the changes. Patients are moved more quickly to their first clinical placement and feedback has shown that the triage nurses are much happier and less stressed.

The judging panel for the 2011 Ci forum Project Awards is made up of the following members:
  • Chris Reed, Strategy Manager, Air New Zealand
  • Paul Thompson, QA Manager, Frucor Beverages
  • Janice Miller, Manager Logistics and Administration, Auckland Council

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