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Ci forum members are encouraged to build the Ci community by contribution of their knowledge, skills and resources, and membership is FREE!
  • Full Membership is made available to individuals who are currently employed by organisations that are either actively involved or are soon to commence Continuous Improvement activities.
  • Associate membership is made available to individuals not currently involved in Continuous Improvement activities or to Consultants/Contractors who supply, market or sell Continuous Improvement products or services

Ci forum Membership Agreement

By applying for membership to Ci forum the applicant agrees to be bound by the following conditions of membership:

Information Provision:

Information provided by and to you as a member of Ci forum is done so on the following conditions:

  • Ci forum takes no responsibility for what information or material is shared by members or how it is used. Ci forum only provides a forum for the sharing of information. Each member is responsible for the information they share.
  • Intellectual Property of Ci forum may be used by members without cost. Members are expected to give express credit to Ci forum and/or members when using Intellectual Property through verbal and/or written acknowledgment
  • Documents created during, as a result of, or expressly for Ci forum (eg minutes of meetings, documentation of discussions [excluding personal notes taken by individual attendees], collections of comparative data) remain the property of Ci forum. Documents marked “Confidential – Members only” are for the use of Ci forum members only.
  • Any Intellectual Property created by members or their representatives that is not expressly created for the use of Ci forum or its members remains the property of that member. Members are required to indicate when information they are sharing is not the property of Ci forum
  • Information supplied by members should only be that which is permitted to be released to the general public
  • Utilisation of any materials or information received through the Ci forum is only to be done with the express written permission of the providing member

Member Details:

  • Personal details of member representatives or individual members or information gained from organisation visits is not to be disclosed to non-members unless this information is otherwise available to the general public.
  • Members are at all times expected to observe normal and reasonable standards of integrity, courtesy and professionalism and respect other members and their organisations.
  • All personal information provided to Ci forum by members will only be used by Ci forum to promote and communicate activities conducted or supported by Ci forum.

Ci forum meetings – ‘Go sees’:

  • Go-sees are only available to full members
  • Go-sees are of most benefit when the group size is no more than 30. In addition, the hosting member generally has a limit on the number of people that they are able to host. To meet these constraints, attendance at Ci forum meetings is limited to a total of 18 attendances per organisation per year. Every effort will be made to accommodate additional attendances wherever possible.
  • It is the expectation of Ci forum that full members will host a Ci forum half-day Go-see meeting at their organisation at least once every two years. At that meeting they should be prepared to share details of their continuous improvement activities. Smaller organisations should consider co-hosting a meeting with another smaller organisation.

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